Pleasure Pier

Pleasure Pier is located in Galveston, Texas. It’s a beautiful pier with rides and shops. Lot’s of families enjoy the shark roller coaster, which usually has long waiting lines. There’s a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and a log flume. Lot’s of people also enjoy the astrosphere, which happens to be one of my favorites. Well that one and the roller coaster of course. What about these swings? It is 230 feet high and it swings out over the water. What a thrill ride this is. There’s also an swinging pendulum ride that again swings out over the water. Fun! Fun! This pier is beautiful at night with all of its rides lit up of course it’s on the water. We all love that.

If you check with other people you’ll find that one downfall is it costs just to get on the boardwalk. Yes, it’s $10 just to go and walk around on Pleasure Pier. A lot of people are disappointed in this pier because they charge just to get on the pier. What  bummer! Why would you do that!? Some of us just want to bring our children or see the pier. Some of us turn around and walk right back out because we don’t want to pay this price. Think about that. If it’s you and your significant other and 2 kids, you’ll be paying about $40 just to get on the pier. Ridiculous right? Because then you need to pay another $20 per kid, and then $40 per adult. So lets add that up real quick like for 2 adults and 2 kids. Just to get on the boardwalk its $40. Then let’s add on the $20 a piece for each kid, so now you’re looking at $80. Now let’s add $40 a piece for the adults, which would be another $80 for  a grand total of $160 just to go on this boardwalk for a family of 4. Disappointing but its beautiful and maybe even worth it.

Riverfront Park

This park is such a cool place. We took a family trip here to Spokane, Washington and we went to this park. There was so much to do here. I’ll tell you all about this neat place. First off the park is quite large 8 city blocks by 6 city blocks, roughly. And the Spokane River flows through this park splitting it into 3 different sections.
The park was once a fair known as the 1974 EXPO. There’s a carrousel from 1909 known as Loof Carrousel. This carrousel has a giraffe, tiger, 2 dragon chariot benches and  54 hand carved horses. With A. Ruth & Sohn Band Organ, lights, mirrors and gorgeous decorations you’ll surely be entertained on this old carrousel.  This fair has it all. In the winter there’s  an ice skating rink, in the summer it turns into the mini golf course, Apple Go Round, Roller Coaster, Bumper Cars, and Octopus. For some beautiful views, you may enjoy riding the Farris Wheel or a Sky Ride type train to see everything from above.  You can even find a IMAX theatre here.
You can do some biking here on these asphalt trails or walking, whichever you prefer. See some of the beauties in this place such as the Clock Tower and the waterfall. You also hear music and find entertainment here. It does cost  about $18 for a combo ticket or you could just pay $2 to ride the carrousel. It’s a fun way to spend a day or if you’re anything like my kids, lol. I’ve got to tell  you this one. We paid for combo tickets, and we had a great time.
But at the end of the day our son was pointing at this guy hanging out of a tree. We all stopped walking and just watched this man, in a harness hanging out of a tree…like this is neat! I kid you not we stood there for over 3o minutes just watching this man’s talent. He wasn’t do anything like you’d see on a fly trapeze but he effortlessly took down branch after branch that had been damaged from a storm. They were worried about them falling and possibly landing on someone. This man has  a chainsaw which he had roped off and he himself roped off. Before he’d cut a piece of the branch he would tie that off as well, and then cut it, and hoist it down to his partner who would get it on the ground and untie it and the other guy would pull it back up and repeat the process. They worked until the tree top was safely down. And that my friends was probably the most interesting thing my kids have seen in a long time! My son now climbs trees and pretends to be taking down the tree. That would be my son. Haha Nice work for the lesson!