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Hey guys! My name is Kirk, and I visited this boardwalk. I’m going to tell you, there’s not a whole lot going on here in the town of  Dunkirk, but spring is here and everything here on the boardwalk will be opening soon. Blind Tiger will be opening their doors on April 2, and I’d assume the other stores here will be doing the same. Anyways there’s a gorgeous boardwalk here with pretty awesome stores to visit. Blind Tiger which is a store that has local goods and micro brews. Pretty good stuff here. A couple of gift shops, Tower Gifts and Water’s Edge Gift Shop. Papaya Arts is another shop with hand made gifts and sea glass. Spikes Daily Pub is a nice place to get some beer they serve the local favorites and wine. For your ice cream we have Yummy’s Lakeside Ice Cream and many like to walk on the beach with it. If your looking for dinner, we have Campi’s Pizza. It’s a Sicilian pizza style, with the thick crust and the pizza’s here are always loaded. There are tables and Adirondack chairs to sit in. You also can carry your beer outside to enjoy as long as its in a can. There’s concerts out on the pier on Thursday nights from 6-9. Another fun thing to do here on the pier.  Everything you need for your visit to Dunkirk is here on this boardwalk located in the harbor of Lake Erie. It’s a beautiful  place to vistit  with these stores right on the lake.

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Hi my name is Kirk, and I'm excited about this blog. There's a few things that I enjoy talking about but mostly I enjoy sharing my experiences on boardwalks and sharing my knowledge on whether I thought it was worth the time or money and also I'm hoping to also show you all as readers where you need to go. Some of these boardwalks are a must see if you happen to be in the area.