Old Orchard Beach Boardwalk

Hey everyone!! Maine has a pretty cool boardwalk. It’s OOB as the locals call it. Old Orchard Beach! Yeas! Here is the only beachfront amusement park in New England! Incredible right? So here at Old Orchard Beach we can ride some rides such as The Pirate, Riptide, or Power Surge. Adrenalin is another. Or how about those roller coasters?! Woo-hoo! Those are the scarier ones. For families there’s Tilter Whirl, Superstar, Wave Swinger, and Drop Zone is another. There’s plenty of rides for the little ones too. They have the Carousel, Frog Hopper, Euro Slide, Crop Duster, and The Dizzy Dragon.  Lots of rides here at Palace Playland, the action park! Tickets go for $25 a piece.  This is a great place for families to find a beautiful beach and an amusement park.

The beach here is beautiful and with 7 miles there’s plenty of room. But on a warm sunny day get here early to pick your spot to enjoy the beach. When it gets too hot or if you feel like getting some fries or pizza you can simply walk to the boardwalk or go to the amusement park. You’ll definitely love this clean gorgeous beach.

Or if you are here to have a good time with your friends and you are of the drinking age, you’ll enjoy playing at the beach, or the carnival. But maybe you’ll enjoy renting a limo and hopping to the different local bars. They offer great drinks and some really yummy meals. Quick weekend getaway to Ocean Park and we walked the beach looking for a beer and a snack. Hooligan’s Irish pub offers clam chowder, a haddock sandwich and fried calamari. You can sit out on the pier and overlook the beach with this meal. Or maybe you want to try something a little different like GFB Scottish Pub. Here you’ll find  Scottish Eggs  and Haggis. The Tartan burger is a mixture of corned beef brisket and chuck that they grind themselves in the their kitchen! Yum! They have deep fried pickles and green beans! Sounds delic! Did you want to play some darts or beer pong?? Don’t forget they wear kilts here!! Here you go. Many stores and other restaurants to check out here. We all loved it!

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